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Sunday, April 02, 2006


Lun Diary
March 31, 2006
Today is Friday, sunny. Washington’s famous cherry blossoms are peaking this week. I heard it would be thunderstorm on Saturday, so I went to Washington DC to visit cherry blossoms tonight.
Have you ever seen cherry blossoms at night? When I was in Japan, I liked to visit cherry blossoms at night with my friends because it was beautiful. In Japan people like to visit it at night, they illuminate every cherry tree. Cherry blossoms can be changed to many colors. Sometimes they are misty pink, sometimes they are deep turquoise, other times they are bright lime. I also like to see the cherry blossoms in one color that is misty pink. If you see it, you will be wondering. You might have a question to yourself, “Is it heaven? Do I live in this world?”
I took a metro to Smithsonian Station. As I don’t know the direction, I asked a man who was standing at the station entrance. “Excuse me, could you tell me how to go to the cherry blossoms area?” “Oh, you can go straight on this way. It is not too far. You will see them soon. Are you Japanese? Thank you to give us the beautiful cherry blossoms. Thank you.” I didn’t correct him, though I am a Chinese because he was so friendly and honest. Then I only said “Thank you!” I went to the direction of the Jefferson Memorial museum. We walked about 10 min, and then we found the museum and a lake. There were many people walking around the lake. I could see the cherry blossoms dimly. There was no illumination. But people didn’t mind the dimness. They were interested in the cherry blossoms. People came here with their family and friends. There were many couples who hold hands walking in the cherry blossoms grove. Cherry trees were around the lake, and Jefferson memorial museum was on other side of the lake. We saw the cherry blossoms dimly; we also saw the illumination of the museum, it was a perfect contrast! It is not prosperous like in Japan. But, the silence, the contrast of the illuminant museum and dimly cherry blossoms are wonderful. I always pop a shutter of the camera. I like to take many pictures to record the beautiful landscape. I find a different method to enjoy the cherry blossoms. I want to say to the man who gave me the direction “Thank you and thank your country, I had a great time in Washington DC!”

Sunday, March 26, 2006


Lun Diary
March 26, 2006
Today is Sunday, cloudy. It is the last day of this spring break. I could not believe my vacation would be over soon. I found out that my light didn’t work yesterday evening. I had been thinking my light bulb should be changed, so I went to buy a new one this afternoon. I went to Target to buy it. When I arrived to Target, I got a problem. I didn’t know which one was the right size because there were too many light bulbs and they all looked same. “My god, I forgot to write down my light bulb size.” Anyway, I still had to buy a new one. Then I bought the new one and brought it back home. I tried it at home, and I found out it was the wrong size. I had to go back to the store to return it. Luckily, Target is just 2 miles away from my place. Therefore, I went back to Target and talked to the customer service “I want to return this one, can I get a refund back to my credit card?” She understood my meaning. She accepted my receipt, and I got my refund. “I am lucky, she did not ask me many questions.” I thought. I believe that I can solve any trouble by myself. However, if it happened two month ago, I don’t think I could do it. Anyway, tomorrow I will go to school. Today I have to go to bed earlier than usual. My spring break finished in a peaceful night.


Lun Dairy
March 25, 2006
Today is Saturday, sunny. Spring break will be finished. I promised my friends to be at a party. We must bring a dish that needs to be cooked by ourselves to the party. I had to prepare food by myself. Because there would be 6 people at the party, cook the amount of the food is too hard. I decided to cook a simple salad for them. I like to cook. As a matter of fact, I can cook Chinese and Japanese food, and bake steak. I was sure that I could cook a nice salad for my friends. I went to Safeway at 2 pm. I bought some potatoes, carrots, apples, cucumbers, eggs, and mayonnaise. I went back home around 4 o’clock. At first, I started peeling off skins from the potatoes, carrots, apples, and cucumbers. Then I cut them into a shape of cubic. I boiled the potatoes and carrots until they became soft. It was the most important procedure. I also boiled eggs to mature. Then I cut them to dices too. Finally I diced some Chinese sausages. I mixed all of them together, put the mayonnaise. I tasted the salad, it was delicious! “Good job!” I said to myself. I arrived to the party around 6 o’clock. Everybody liked the salad. When they found the Chinese sausage in the salad they were surprised, and said “It’s interesting and delicious.” There were many other foods at the party such as Korean food, Vietnamese food, and American food. All of them were delicious too. I am lucky that I have many “chief friends”. I had a great time at the party.


Lun Dairy
March 19, 2006
Today is Sunday, sunny. When I woke up, I remembered I have a date to go to a zoo. I got up and started preparing. Suddenly, the phone ringed. It was my friend. She said she had to wait for a package from parents, so we had to go to the zoo in the afternoon. It was so unlucky, but “it is ok.” I said. In the meantime, I did the laundry, cooked my lunch, and watched TV.
I went to zoo at 2 o’clock. I knew it was late, but I was just going out for a walk in the park. Therefore, the time was not important to us. We met at the entrance of the zoo. We went into the zoo. There were many people. Children were running because they wanted to see more animals, and adults were following them; Couples were not so busy, they were holding their hands and walking; Senior citizens were sitting on benches to have a rest. At first we went to the elephant house, and there were many people who were listening to the explanation from the fancier. The keeper told them that the elephant eats fruits in spring, watermelon in summer, squash in fall, and grass in winter. Suddenly, the huge sound was heard like thunder. Everybody was wondering what was that? We looked at the direction of the sound, there was a pool, and we couldn’t see any animals until we stood beside of the pool. It was hippopotamus who gave a loud snore to us; it was sleeping in the pool. Its eyes are small, nose holes are toward the upside, and the ears are moving so quickly. The boy stood beside of us said “Oh she is so cute.” His mother told him, “she will stay under the water for a couple of minutes, let’s go.” We left the elephant house and went to see cheetahs. Cheetahs were eating bones of animals, and the bones looked very delicious. The sun was set down; we went for a walk at dusk. We left the zoo around 5:30. After we finished our tour in the zoo, we decided to have a steak for a dinner. Tonight in my dream I became a hippo. Oh it was a nightmare. I didn’t know why, maybe American food was not suitable for me, I should be careful before becoming a fat man like hippo (laughing). Anyway I had a great time on this Sunday.


Lun Dairy
March 22, 2006
“Japanese food,” when you see this word, what is your image? Raw fish? Sushi? Or any other? Today I went to an interesting Japanese restaurant with my friend. There was a fire show at each table. It is called hibachi. We shared the same table with another family. This family had a little girl, a little boy, and their parents. We looked at the menu that is similar to another restaurant. I decided to order a steak dish, and my friend ordered a shrimp dish. We waited for a few minutes. Finally, a chief who was wearing a blue uniform came to our table. The uniform looked like Japanese form. It was interesting. He spun a small shovel in his finger and said to the boy “it is easy, do you want to try?” The little boy smiled and said “No, It is too difficult.” Everybody laughed. Then the chief started cooking. At first he cleaned the hibachi and said the fire show will begin. We saw he kindled the hibachi, and it was a great fire at the moment. We were surprised with it. Suddenly the chief pushed a spray toward the fire, and he pushed it to the boy and the girl too. And he said “it’s just water, and it’s safe.” The children laughed. The chief stopped the fire and started cutting onions. He cut them into round shape then made them to a towel form and put a lot of oil into the ‘towel’. Then he kindled it. There was great fire up from the ‘towel’. It was just like a volcano. We were impressed. We applauded his great show. Finally he put the steak and shrimps to everybody’s dish and served some fried rice for free. Good chief good show. We saw him ready to take off and applauded again. After the show the parents asked to the little girl “do you like the show?” The girl looked very shy, and she only nodded her head and smiled. I had ever been to any hibachi in Japan. There were not many shows like in the USA. Anyway, I like this show. I feel the show is proper to a character of American.


Lun Dairy
March 21, 2006
Today is Tuesday. After I woke up this morning, I look out of the window. The sky was cloudy, and I could feel it should be cold outside. I watched the weather forecast on TV yesterday, and it said it would be snowing. Recently the weather is getting warmer, flowers are blooming. I was wondering was it going to be snowing today? My conclusion was that it wouldn’t be snowing. This spring break I don’t have any plan, so I often go to library review my English textbook. Today I went to library at 11 o’clock. There were many people in the library. Some of them were studying; Some people were reading magazines; Others were surfing internet. Finally, I found a seat, opened my bag, took out the textbook, and started reviewing. After an hour, I felt bored to study. Then I went to the magazine section. When I stood in the front of the magazine board, I found a travel magazine that is about Florida travel. I love Florida. I have decided that I will go there in May. So I got the magazine and read it. I read the first page title, “Today’s daydream is tomorrow’s reality.” I like the title. It is my idea too. I saw many pictures of landscape in Florida. It is beautiful. I recalled the vacation in Okinawa of Japan. I believe the shores are the nearest to paradise, just like believe today’s day.