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Sunday, March 26, 2006


Lun Dairy
March 22, 2006
“Japanese food,” when you see this word, what is your image? Raw fish? Sushi? Or any other? Today I went to an interesting Japanese restaurant with my friend. There was a fire show at each table. It is called hibachi. We shared the same table with another family. This family had a little girl, a little boy, and their parents. We looked at the menu that is similar to another restaurant. I decided to order a steak dish, and my friend ordered a shrimp dish. We waited for a few minutes. Finally, a chief who was wearing a blue uniform came to our table. The uniform looked like Japanese form. It was interesting. He spun a small shovel in his finger and said to the boy “it is easy, do you want to try?” The little boy smiled and said “No, It is too difficult.” Everybody laughed. Then the chief started cooking. At first he cleaned the hibachi and said the fire show will begin. We saw he kindled the hibachi, and it was a great fire at the moment. We were surprised with it. Suddenly the chief pushed a spray toward the fire, and he pushed it to the boy and the girl too. And he said “it’s just water, and it’s safe.” The children laughed. The chief stopped the fire and started cutting onions. He cut them into round shape then made them to a towel form and put a lot of oil into the ‘towel’. Then he kindled it. There was great fire up from the ‘towel’. It was just like a volcano. We were impressed. We applauded his great show. Finally he put the steak and shrimps to everybody’s dish and served some fried rice for free. Good chief good show. We saw him ready to take off and applauded again. After the show the parents asked to the little girl “do you like the show?” The girl looked very shy, and she only nodded her head and smiled. I had ever been to any hibachi in Japan. There were not many shows like in the USA. Anyway, I like this show. I feel the show is proper to a character of American.


At 7:04 AM, Blogger Nina Liakos said...

This entry was very interesting for me, because I have never eaten in a Japanese restaurant. It seems as though the entertainment factor is as important as the food!

I thought that this entry was very well-written, with few grammatical errors. :-)

At 11:54 AM, Blogger mohammed said...

you did a good job lun.

best wishes,



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