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Sunday, March 26, 2006


Lun Dairy
March 25, 2006
Today is Saturday, sunny. Spring break will be finished. I promised my friends to be at a party. We must bring a dish that needs to be cooked by ourselves to the party. I had to prepare food by myself. Because there would be 6 people at the party, cook the amount of the food is too hard. I decided to cook a simple salad for them. I like to cook. As a matter of fact, I can cook Chinese and Japanese food, and bake steak. I was sure that I could cook a nice salad for my friends. I went to Safeway at 2 pm. I bought some potatoes, carrots, apples, cucumbers, eggs, and mayonnaise. I went back home around 4 o’clock. At first, I started peeling off skins from the potatoes, carrots, apples, and cucumbers. Then I cut them into a shape of cubic. I boiled the potatoes and carrots until they became soft. It was the most important procedure. I also boiled eggs to mature. Then I cut them to dices too. Finally I diced some Chinese sausages. I mixed all of them together, put the mayonnaise. I tasted the salad, it was delicious! “Good job!” I said to myself. I arrived to the party around 6 o’clock. Everybody liked the salad. When they found the Chinese sausage in the salad they were surprised, and said “It’s interesting and delicious.” There were many other foods at the party such as Korean food, Vietnamese food, and American food. All of them were delicious too. I am lucky that I have many “chief friends”. I had a great time at the party.


At 7:13 AM, Blogger Nina Liakos said...

Again, you show your talent for describing details in this entry. I could imagine the salad that you made very well. Except for the sausage, I am sure I would have liked it too. (As you know, I don't eat any meat.)

This kind of party, where everyone contributes a dish, is called a "potluck". Potlucks are very common in the U.S. A potluck makes it easy for busy people to spend time together with their friends without spending all day cooking. Everyone brings something, and everyone has a good time. I like potlucks.


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