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Sunday, April 02, 2006


Lun Diary
March 31, 2006
Today is Friday, sunny. Washington’s famous cherry blossoms are peaking this week. I heard it would be thunderstorm on Saturday, so I went to Washington DC to visit cherry blossoms tonight.
Have you ever seen cherry blossoms at night? When I was in Japan, I liked to visit cherry blossoms at night with my friends because it was beautiful. In Japan people like to visit it at night, they illuminate every cherry tree. Cherry blossoms can be changed to many colors. Sometimes they are misty pink, sometimes they are deep turquoise, other times they are bright lime. I also like to see the cherry blossoms in one color that is misty pink. If you see it, you will be wondering. You might have a question to yourself, “Is it heaven? Do I live in this world?”
I took a metro to Smithsonian Station. As I don’t know the direction, I asked a man who was standing at the station entrance. “Excuse me, could you tell me how to go to the cherry blossoms area?” “Oh, you can go straight on this way. It is not too far. You will see them soon. Are you Japanese? Thank you to give us the beautiful cherry blossoms. Thank you.” I didn’t correct him, though I am a Chinese because he was so friendly and honest. Then I only said “Thank you!” I went to the direction of the Jefferson Memorial museum. We walked about 10 min, and then we found the museum and a lake. There were many people walking around the lake. I could see the cherry blossoms dimly. There was no illumination. But people didn’t mind the dimness. They were interested in the cherry blossoms. People came here with their family and friends. There were many couples who hold hands walking in the cherry blossoms grove. Cherry trees were around the lake, and Jefferson memorial museum was on other side of the lake. We saw the cherry blossoms dimly; we also saw the illumination of the museum, it was a perfect contrast! It is not prosperous like in Japan. But, the silence, the contrast of the illuminant museum and dimly cherry blossoms are wonderful. I always pop a shutter of the camera. I like to take many pictures to record the beautiful landscape. I find a different method to enjoy the cherry blossoms. I want to say to the man who gave me the direction “Thank you and thank your country, I had a great time in Washington DC!”


At 7:29 AM, Blogger Nina Liakos said...

Lun, I really enjoyed reading your post. I liked the way you compared the experience of viewing the cherry blossoms at night here and in Japan. They are different experiences, but both are worthwhile. I love the pictures you took, too. I smiled at your encounter with the American man who took you for a Japanese and thanked you for the cherry trees. Great job!


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